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Saving the Brother's Best Friend

Gems of Love Series: Book Four

It was just a simple favor between friends. Until it wasn't...


Firefighter Gabriel needs money and he needs it fast. His father’s future depends on it. Too bad the only way he can make it happen is to give in to his rich grandmother’s demand to see him married. But since he doesn’t have any prospects for a real bride, a fake fiancé will have to do. And there’s only one woman he’d trust with the job.

Giada has loved Gabriel for as long as she can remember. To him, she’s just his best friend’s little sister.  But even though she knows a fake relationship with him will only lead to heartbreak, there’s no way she can turn him down in his time of need. She’ll just have to figure out how to guard her heart against the one man she wants to give it to the most.

The plan is in place. To everyone watching, they’re the perfect happy couple. The only problem? Gabriel suddenly realizes he’s no longer just pretending to be in love with Giada. How can he convince her his feelings are real when he’s been so blind for so long?

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