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Law #2: Don't Play with a Player

Laws of Love Series: Book Two

Is there any actual proof that mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea? Asking for a friend…



CEO Devon Griffin has a reputation—and it’s not good. I’ve heard all the rumors about him. And if I hadn’t been desperate for a job, I wouldn’t have accepted his offer. But my pile of debt and lack of other prospects left me with little choice.  So, I’ll be the best employee he’s ever had. What I will not do is develop a soft spot for my new boss—no matter how devastatingly handsome and charming he is.



The last thing I need in my life is drama. My previous assistant gave me more than enough of that. Hiring the sweet, nerdy bookworm who is the exact opposite of my usual type seems like a great idea. But…it isn’t. Because soon, I find myself wondering what it would be like to have Laia by my side outside the office. And I’m afraid that’s just not a fantasy I can afford to entertain.


They’re polar opposites. They want completely different things from life. But what if all they really need in order to be happy is each other? 

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