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Gambling with the Billionaire

Gems of Love Series: Book Two

Love was never on the menu…


Billionaire Ryan O’Connor learned the hard way that letting emotion prevail over reason can be devastating. So he refuses to let something as frivolous as nostalgia keep him from dismantling the restaurant in his hometown. It’s just business, after all. Or it was just business…until he met the restaurant’s quirky and annoyingly adorable manager. Suddenly keeping emotion out of his business dealings is more complicated than he ever could’ve imagined.


Bianca has no trouble trusting her emotions. Following her heart helped her turn a struggling taverna into the coolest hotspot in town. And eventually, she’s sure she’ll be able to realize her dream of organizing a jazz festival that would help revitalize the city—all with her lovely little restaurant at the heart of the action. Now all she has to do is keep the grumpy (and entirely too attractive) corporate shark from tearing the place apart.


Somewhere between passion and reason, can these polar opposites find common ground…and love? Or will Ryan and Bianca decide that a shot at happily ever after just isn’t worth the gamble?

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