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Welcome to Ridgewater High, where the romance is sweet but the fireworks last forever. Fall in love with the boy next door, your brother's best friend and the broken troublemaker with a heart of gold. This bestselling series is in one box set for the first time! Find your new book boyfriend today!

Meet Me There
A dark Chemistry lab. A fake British accent. It's all fun and games until somebody falls in love.

Don't Forget Me
Sparks are flying between these best friends. Could a practice kiss change everything?

It Was Always You
What’s the first rule when pretending to date your brother’s best friend? Don’t let feelings get involved.

My Second Chance
They broke the rules. He broke their heart. Does their love deserve a second chance?

My Mistletoe Mix-Up
She was supposed to kiss her crush under the mistletoe. She didn’t expect to kiss his bad-boy twin.

Forever Yours
Her crush is back. Too bad she's dating his best friend.


A wary single-mom. A footloose billionaire.

The art-of-the-marriage-deal. A stable home is first priority for the young widow and over-protective mom, Camilla Ferguson. One steady guy is worth a dozen flirty charmers. But for now, caring for her son and keeping her Frontenac Mill's quilt shop viable is all she can handle. Variety is the spice of life according to real-estate mogul and social media favorite Charles Walker.

Settling down is not in the cards for the oldest Walker billionaire brother. These days, his home is wherever his private plane touches down. While decompressing in his hometown, Charles is fed up when his high-profile bachelor status inadvertently threatens Camilla's precarious financial situation. Compelled to make reparation, he suggests a temporary marriage-of-convenience. Social obscurity for Charles. Five million dollars for Camilla. A win-win.

While negotiating their one-year marriage deal, Camilla and Charles discover ensuring both her financial security and his personal freedom put their hearts at risk. Will this free-spirited billionaire and stressed-out mom sign on the dotted line?

Sometimes your frailty can be the source of someone else's strength.

Mariam Fischer has had it with men — especially good-looking, confident, overbearing, smooth-talking ones. Why won't William Kordes get a clue?

The drop-dead gorgeous guy with seemingly more money than one person could ever spend in a lifetime, says he plans to change the world. Now, he wants to transform her world.

Unimpressed, Mariam has heard lines like that before. Promises like that only end in heartbreak. There's only one problem. Miriam's head is telling her one thing, but her heart feels differently.

Will hired Miriam on a whim after he screwed up her chance of getting a better job. Who knew she would be the perfect person to help catapult his business to a whole new level? Will became an inventor to help solve problems. Suddenly, his mission is very personal. Miriam doesn't deserve to be in this much agony.

Fibromyalgia is an enemy he can't see or touch. Even so, there has to be something he can do.

What if Will really can take away her pain as he promised?

There is something oddly intoxicating about the power of Will. Mallory wants to believe ... just this once.


What do you do when you meet the guy of your dreams? Set him up with your sister, of course.

Kari doesn't have time for love when she's opening her new cat café. Renovating an old restaurant, hiring employees, fighting with the health inspector – oh, and welcoming 16 shelter cats – keeps her plenty busy. She's doing this for the cats, the community, and most of all her family. The café will give her sister, Marley, a job worthy of her baking skills.

Then a tattooed military vet wanders in claiming to be a master baker himself. The café doesn't need another baker, but maybe Marley needs a man. Surely she'll fall for a guy this sweet, this sexy, this tasty.

Colin has other ideas. It's Kari who makes him want to pour on the sugar and turn up the heat. But he's spent the last two years recovering from physical and psychological wounds. Is he really ready for a relationship? He's not even sure he should commit to Samson, the fluffy marshmallow of a cat who steals his heart.


The story of Hafsah and Faheem, a Muslim couple struggling to keep their raging desire for each other from getting out of control.

Hafsah grows closer to Faheem, falling hard for the sexy younger man. He is smooth and stokes feelings she meant to suppress.

Faheem uses all his charms to make sure Hafsah becomes his, but flirting can be a dangerous thing when committing to no sex outside of marriage. The two play with some serious fire that might burn them both

Warning - as some readers qualified this as sweet read there were mentions of "steamy" scenes after the couple is wedded - consider this if you look for an entirely clean read.

Have you read my latest Gem of Love, Falling for the Undercover Agent...?


She was just a job. Until she wasn’t …

Private Investigator Giordano Biagi has gotten his first real field assignment. Despite his lack of experience, he knows that in order to succeed it's essential to maintain the line between business and pleasure. He's more than confident it won't be a problem for him, either. Not until he meets her—the fiery, entirely too intriguing woman he’s been hired to investigate. Suddenly he’s having trouble remembering exactly where the line is, and why crossing it would be a bad idea …


Ruby Terryson is pretty sure she’s dated every liar in the state. Her abysmal luck with men did teach her at least one valuable lesson, though—to always lead with her head and protect her heart. So when Giordano walks into her tattoo salon, to say her guards are up would be an understatement. But the more time she spends with him, the more she starts to wonder if maybe—just maybe—it’s time to take down the walls around her heart once and for all. 


Their entire relationship is built on a lie. There’s no way they can find a happily ever after together once Ruby’s learns the truth … is there?

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