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Bonnie Rocker fled the small town of Bethel Valley on the exhaust cloud of a ’74 Camaro, holding tight to the hand of the local bad boy.

Ten years later, broke, single, and exhausted to her bones, Bonnie and her six-year-old daughter return home for her grandmother’s funeral. As she pulls into the driveway of Rockaway Ranch, she comes face to face with the reason she fled town: Slim Rocker, her mother.

Due to an unexpected stipulation in her grandmother’s will, Bonnie and her daughter must live on the ranch for one year before Bonnie can cash out her inheritance. An entire year spent under Slim’s oppressive rules. “Good rules for living,” she calls them, but Bonnie has always fallen short of their mark.

As if things weren’t complicated enough, Bonnie almost runs over the ranch’s newest hand, Casey Donahue. He is fresh out of prison and caught in the eye of the town’s gossip storm. Nothing adds up with this man, and her mother isn’t talking—even though she’s the one who sent him to prison.

The year will not only test Bonnie’s resolve, but the very fabric of her heart. She will have to find her faith or risk losing everything most precious to her.

A Valentine's Day Sweet Romance full of Heart

 In this sweet holiday romance novella, Victoria is just figuring out her new career as president of a famous event company. But the only thing she can think of is Oliver, and how he recently suggested they see other people. It just doesn't make sense. How did their relationship change? When she takes a job in London, and ends up flying back to Oliver's hometown, she's giddy and confused all at once.


But when Oliver seems stricken by a mystery illness, there may be more going on than she realized. And as her rich and famous clients pressure her into attending each glittering party, she comes to find out just how important a second chance can be. Because taking a step back might have been the biggest step forward in their relationship.

A spunky chorus girl. A hotshot movie star. An unforgettable stage kiss.


Beth Bennet can’t keep her mind off of Will Darcy—but only because he’s infuriatingly arrogant just like every other Hollywood type she’s known. It’s definitely not because he’s drop-dead gorgeous. If she didn’t need this job so badly, their choreography would be more like stage combat—toe-curling kiss notwithstanding. And since she swore to loathe him for all eternity, falling for him would be an extreme inconvenience.


Will Darcy is only doing this musical as a favor to a friend, and he certainly could do without the distraction from the sassy and spirited Beth Bennet—even if she invades his daydreams like an over-zealous photo bomber.

As sparks fly, riotous drama ensues when they can no longer fight the attraction on and off stage. But when the curtain falls and the lights dim, is their on-stage romance more than just a fantastic performance?

Love and Loathing is a clean romantic comedy and a standalone in the Backstage Romance Book Series.


Small towns in the heat of summer. Friends who become something more. A stranded motorist, a boxer who finds a baby on his doorstep, high school sweethearts who become legends... Experience excerpts, sneak peeks, and complete, satisfying stories in this sweet collection by a USA Today best-selling author. 


If you loved Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding, you will love Love In the Time of the Trump Era!

Alexa is single and works for Viral Feed, an internet-based news company. During the 2016 Presidential Elections, her life is turned upside down when her candidate Hillary Clinton lost the elections. Her love life becomes very interesting as two guys are starting to fight for her attention and her heart. Will she choose Cayden, the mysterious, handsome personal trainer and fitness expert who happens to be a Liberal? Or should she choose Lee, a handsome yet quiet guy who happened to have voted for Trump. This story is set in the real events of 2016 with the polarization of politics. Will Alexa choose based on her politics or will she choose based on her heart? Things are not what it seems anymore as love and romance is harder to navigate in the time of the Trump Era. Follow her adventures and misadventures in Love in the Time of The Trump Era.

Gems of Love BOXSET is coming! It's already on pre-order...check it out!

Fireman? Single Dad? Billionaire? Handsome Boss? Private detective?

The Gems of Love Series has got it all and more…


Five swoon-worthy sweet romances that will leave you turning pages and warm your heart with their happily-ever-afters.


Loving the Boss

He's her new boss and a man who thinks women complicate life. She’s in need of a new beginning and convinced men only hurt women. Keeping things simply “business” between them should be fairly easy. Except it isn’t…


Gambling with the Billionaire

He’s a billionaire who believes only in reason. She’s the passionate manager of a restaurant he needs to dismantle. When the head battles the heart, which one is more likely to win?


Fake-dating the Single Dad

He’s a single dad, and famous writer in need of help to win his son’s custody case. She’s the nanny who can give him a hand. Faking to be together was a perfect plan. Until the fake feelings started to feel too real…


Saving the Brother’s Best Friend

He’s a hot firefighter in need of a fake girlfriend. She’s his best friend’s little sister. It was supposed to be a simple favor between friends. Until it wasn’t…


Falling for the Undercover Agent

He’s a private investigator who knows and respects the line between business and pleasure. She’s the fiery, all-too-intriguing woman he’s been hired to investigate. She was only a job. Until she wasn’t…


Meet all the lovable but flawed heroes and the witty women who steal their hearts. Pick your favorite, or better, fall in love with them all!

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