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Sometimes, love comes in packages.

As the top ranked student at Charleston’s military academy, Preston Lowe excels in class, in sports and with women.


Only Willow Dockery, a barmaid at the city’s trendy nightclub, sees the pain in his eyes when he’s out with friends having a good time. But Willow doesn’t know how Preston inwardly struggles to forget a past that could derail the career he’s worked hard to achieve.

Willow wrestles with her own secrets. After a disastrous relationship leaves her broke and disillusioned, she vows never to let anyone rob her of her dreams again. But as she gets to know Preston, it’s as if their tumultuous pasts meld together into something so startling it transforms their relationship and their lives forever.


I've loved Will Henderson from the first day I laid eyes on him. But I made a solemn promise that same day. I would never, ever date Will Henderson. 
For almost a decade,Charlotte Dubois has loved Will Henderson from afar, squelching her heart's silent yearnings. But no way could she date her best friend Kelsey's brother.Their whole friendship is based on one rule: No friend of Kelsey can ever date Will.Instead, Charlotte has watched him date and break more hearts than should be legal. 
Will Henderson never got over that stolen kiss he shared with Charlotte years ago--though he's tried valiantly to rid his system of his sister's best friend. 
When circumstances bring the two into each other's arms again, Will wants to convince Charlotte to break the rules and take a chance on him. But to do so, they will have to hide their relationship from the ones they love most. Can true love triumph, or will they both end up losing?


Julie does not love being the center of attention.

She makes dresses for those who do.

But when Emily, her matchmaking friend begs for a favor,

Julie can't say no.

It was supposed to be just one date. 

She never expected to kiss the guy.

Then fall head over heels for him.


When threats start rolling in it becomes clear,

Someone will do whatever it takes to break them apart.

Now she’s in too deep and walking away isn’t an option.


But with the paparazzi and drama involved, Julie can not help but wonder,

Who wants to love a Billionaire?


Hollywood producer Harry Jackson is not an alpha male. 

He’s goofy, sensitive and will move mountains to make everyone happy.

In fact, he requires a whole team of people to keep him from being robbed blind. 

Sometimes he even needs saving from his love of bad puns.


But when an enemy threatens to jeapardize his chance at love,

it’s time to step up and fight.

He’s terrified.

But the thought of losing Julie scares him more.

Cora Dillion thrives on control. After being abandoned and homeless on the streets, it had taken everything in her to climb back to a life she recognized. A self-proclaimed workaholic, she remains focused to prevent anyone from disrupting the existence she’s built for herself. When she receives a flurry of emails from a soldier, she realizes that the man pouring out his soul could be dangerous to her structured world… and her heart.

Mike Cooper lived for the moment. Reckless and arrogant- that was the image he presented to his buddies in the barracks. Deep down inside, he needed a friend to keep him focused and was desperately afraid of the nightmarish world he existed in. Envious of the relationships around him, Mike puts his very heart on the line hoping that Cora will be the one to snatch it up.

Will Cora realize that Mike could be the very man she needs to come out of her shell? Can both of their hearts find strength in each other’s weaknesses? Will the spirit of the season remind them both how to remember joy?


Stranded in a Pacific Northwest airport, Piper Chapman is left wondering how she'll make it home to North Carolina in time for the holidays. After her sister's recent cancer diagnosis, Piper is desperate to make it home, but knows it will take more than a Christmas miracle.

Gary Hart hasn't been home for Christmas since his mother passed away five years ago. He decides a trip home to South Carolina is long overdue, but he finds himself stuck in the same airport with the distressed Piper. Knowing her struggle all too well, he proposes a plan that will help them both.

When the miracle Piper hoped for appears in the form of a rugged man with baggage of his own, together they head out on a cross country road trip, counting down the days till Christmas. Gary promised no distractions, so all Piper has to do is make it home without falling in love with him.

Saving the Brother's Best Friend has just launched...did you get your copy yet?


It was just a simple favor between friends. Until it wasn’t…


Firefighter Gabriel needs money and he needs it fast. His father’s future depends on it. Too bad the only way he can make it happen is to give in to his rich grandmother’s demand to see him settled. But since he doesn’t have any prospects for a real bride, a fake girlfriend will have to do. And there’s only one woman he’d trust with the job.


Giada has loved Gabriel for as long as she can remember. To him, she’s just his best friend’s little sister.  But even though she knows a fake relationship with him will only lead to heartbreak, there’s no way she can turn him down in his time of need. She’ll just have to figure out how to guard her heart against the one man she wants to give it to the most.


The plan is in place. To everyone watching, they’re the perfect happy couple. The only problem? Gabriel suddenly realizes he’s no longer just pretending to be in love with Giada. How can he convince her his feelings are real when he’s been so blind for so long?

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