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Fake-dating the Single Dad

Faux romance, real confusion - a heartfelt romantic comedy that gives plans an unexpected twist😅!

Love isn't exactly Nick's top priority. As a single father and a writer, his hands are already full. But when his ex initiates a custody battle, he's suddenly in desperate need of a pretend girlfriend to appear as a responsible family man. Enter Ginny, the perfect partner in this comedic charade! Yet, the more they delve into their "fauxmance," the more their sparks of attraction evolve into something undeniably real.

Ginny's objective is clear: secure a teaching position at the trendy Riversmith School. When Nick proposes a deal - fake affection in exchange for a job opportunity - she agrees, blissfully unaware that more than just her application could be on the line. Who would have thought that what started as a contrived match would lead to an unscripted love affair?

A sweet and uproarious romance centered around the "fake it till you make it" philosophy, intertwining two hearts in a captivating tangle of love and perplexity. Brace yourself for a whirlwind of sham dates, dreams of affection, and an ultimately heartwarming conclusion. Dive into a realm of emotional mix-ups and make-believe love - a tumultuous romance that attests to the fact that sometimes, the heart is the ultimate trickster.

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