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It could be her fresh start. If only she can avoid falling for her new boss...
I'm in desperate need of a new beginning. Preferably one that's far, far away from my cheating ex.

So when I get a job offer in a luxury resort on a remote tropical island, I don't hesitate for a second.

The idea of being surrounded by deep waters might terrorize me, but this adventure will be exactly what I need—a fresh start and a chance at a heartache-free life.

The only unexpected snag in my bold plan?

My new, grumpy (and oh-so-handsome) boss.

Matteo firmly believes women complicate life. I know that trusting a man with my heart again can easily hurt me. So keeping things simply business between us should be fairly easy. isn't.

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Few gambles are worth “going all in.” This might be one of them.

I’ve got no trouble trusting my emotions.


Following my heart has helped me turn a struggling taverna into the coolest hotspot in town. And eventually, I’m sure I’ll be able to realize my dream of organizing a jazz festival that would help revitalize my small village—all with my lovely little restaurant at the heart of the action.


But first, I’ve got to keep the corporate shark, Ryan O’Connor, from tearing my place apart.


It won’t be a straightforward task, though.


If I tagged the grumpy (and entirely too attractive) tycoon, right, he won’t back off easily. But to save what’s important for me, I’m prepared to gamble it all.


Except for my heart, of course.


Not that it could ever be at stake in this fight with the gorgeous billionaire, right?

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It was the perfect plan. Until the fake feeling turned all too real…

All I ever wanted was a teaching job at the prestigious Riversmith school, but getting them to even consider my application is a challenge.

Then I find out that Nick, a famous writer and gorgeous single dad, has connections there—and that he's willing to use them in exchange for one tiny little favor.

All I've got to do is to be Nick's fake girlfriend for a few weeks... and somehow pretend I'm not at all attracted to him.

If it all works out, Nick will prove to the judge who decides his son's custody case that he's a solid family man, and I'll have my ticket to my dream job.


The plan was flawless.

Too bad it never included what to do when the lines between reality and fantasy blur...and a fake relationship feels all too real.

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It was just a simple favor between friends. Until it wasn't...

I’ve loved Gabriel for as long as I can remember. To him, I’m just his best friend’s little sister. 


So when Gabriel asks me to be his fake girlfriend during a trip to his über-rich French grandmother’s estate—where Gabriel’s cousin is about to get engaged to Gabriel’s ex—, I know I’ve got to say no. 


First, I don’t want to be Gabriel’s means of getting back at his snobbish ex-girlfriend.


Plus, a make-believe relationship with him is risky, and it will almost certainly lead me to heartbreak.


Still, I’m not able to turn Gabriel down in his moment of need.

(His pleading grey eyes make me absolutely powerless, darn it.)


So now I have to figure out how to guard my heart against the one man I want to give it to the most, all the while I pretend to be his. 


But it can’t be that hard, can it?

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She was just a job. Until she wasn’t.

If one thing is drilled into any newbie private investigator, then it’s the need to maintain a firm line between business and pleasure.


I perfectly agree with this sensible rule, too.


At least I did until I met my first field assignment—the fiery and entirely too intriguing Ruby.


Sleuthing her was supposed to be only a job for me. One that would show my uncle (and boss) that I was a skilled detective who didn’t have to stay at some dusty desk in our office.


Yet, the more time I spend with Ruby, the more trouble I have remembering where that essential line lies.


And why crossing it would be such a bad idea…

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