CIR 1 new cover.png

My life was all arranged. Until a stranger came to town and messed it up…

I know I should be happy. I'm finally getting married, which is by my Italian family's standard the greatest achievement a girl can have.

But something is…off.
My doubts about my fiancé—and our relationship—only intensify when Mario, a handsome stranger, arrives in our small town.
Mario is on a mission in Cirella and he'll do whatever it takes to honor his father’s memory. Meeting me was not on his agenda. Just like it wasn't on mine to get side-tracked by the powerful chemistry he and I share.
Still, I can't help it. Mario makes me feel things I've got no business feeling.

And now, I'm afraid that no matter what I do, someone will get hurt.
Most likely me…

But everything isn’t as it seems in Cirella Bay. As I'm to discover, potentially dangerous secrets threaten both Mario’s plans, and my future. Uncovering the culprits and unraveling the mystery will be the easy part. Getting to happily ever after, however, will be infinitely trickier…

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Solving a local mystery was all fun and games...until keeping my heart safe became the true challenge.

People say I'm a natural-born helper. Which is probably true. After all, I'm a nurse and I love giving a hand to whoever is in need.
So, I was happy to organize my cousin’s wedding and make it the biggest event the small town of Cirella had ever seen.
And while I did that, I could definitely solve the mystery of who hurt my patient’s nephew.
Only, I wasn’t prepared for working with Emiliano, a rugged (and unbelievably handsome) cop, in my mystery case. Still, letting the guy help me with my sleuthing adventure won't be the real problem.
Ignoring my untimely feelings for him, however, might very well be.


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CIR 3 new cover.png

Who doesn't like a second chances are great. If you can get through them alive...

Returning to my sleepy hometown wasn't something I had ever planned on doing. 

But when I need a break to figure out my next step in life, I give in to my sister's insistence and seek shelter in the place where I grew up.

That's when I meet Serena again —my old crush and the very reason I'd left Cirella.

She's just as breathtaking as she used to be. And despite the clear voice of my reason, I can't stay away from her. Especially when I learn that she's single again and is threatened by her violent ex-husband. 

Only the more time I spend with Serena, the more the old sparks I'd sworn to forget threaten awaken.

But I can't leave her and daughter now, despite of know I risk getting hurt while protecting them. Because, without me wanting or even realizing, my return to Cirella has started a chain of events that are bound to upset dangerous secrets that would've been better left hidden.

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I'm supposed to marry. Unfortunately, rather sooner than later. After my father's death, my family's farm, Sunny Grove, needs a new leader — a man.

Never mind that I can fire a hunting rifle and hit any game, even at a distance that makes guys sweat. It's not enough, her mother says. Though it's 1962, in my small town in Southern Italy, two women living alone on a ranch aren’t safe. 

But I've got my own ideas.

I enjoy taking care of our homestead. Alone.

I'm certainly not interested in the wealthy gaffers my mother tries to fix me up with— or in marrying in general. Or at least I wasn't, until one day, I bump into a mysterious stranger... 

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