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Saving the Brother's Best Friend

Friendship, Sparks, and a Dangerously Simple Favor...🔥
Gabriel, the rugged firefighter, is battling a blaze of financial woes - and an unexpected solution appears in the form of an unusual arrangement. To raise funds for his father, he finds himself with just one way out: complying with his eccentric grandmother's whimsical demand for a wedding. But hold on a moment, who comes to his rescue? Giada, of all people - his best friend and someone harboring a secret crush on him.

Giada has carried a torch for Gabriel for what seems like an eternity, yet in his eyes, she's merely the "little sister" of his buddy. When he seeks her assistance to navigate the wedding charade, she can't refuse. Yet, how on earth do you keep your emotions in check when you're masquerading as the love of your life for an audience?

Armed with a cunning plan, they masquerade as the perfect couple, but suddenly, the feigned sparks ignite into genuine flames of emotion! Gabriel is left befuddled - how could he have been so oblivious all this time? Now, he's determined to prove to Giada that his affection isn't just a façade but a fervent reality.

In “Saving the Brother’s Best Friend," you'll be immersed in a heartwarming novel brimming with sparks and a dash of zany firefighter magic. Embark on an entertaining journey with Giada and Gabriel as they navigate a labyrinth of deception illuminated by authentic love. It's a tale that promises both fun and heartiness - are you prepared for a love explosion that's set to ignite?

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