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The Game of Sweet Love

Pick the story idea that entices you the most...

Welcome to the beginning of this hopefully fun adventure!

Let’s write a clean and wholesome romance novel together.

I’m so excited about this project and I can’t wait to see which scenario you prefer for us to start with😉.

So without further ado, please choose from the below options the one that you would like to see the most:


A combination of “opposites attract” and “forbidden love” tropes where Aisha, Rasheed’s sister from Dance to My Heartbeat, finds love with the son of an American billionaire in the exotic Arabic country of Sauda


A small-town romance set in Italy with a hint of romantic suspense where a stranger arrives to the village and unsettles not only the rules set by the local boss but also the heroine’s heart


An enemies to lovers romance in which two young and ambitious lawyers - from differing social backgrounds, and each other’s nemesis at work - discover during a company retreat that there is far more to life than chasing only success


A fake identity trope romance set in the luxurious town of Monte-Carlo, in which a simple butler assumes his rich boss’ identity to dazzle a woman with whom he thinks he wouldn’t have a chance without the money.

Each idea is a rough sketch as all the nitty-gritty will evolve along the way.

I’ll choose the option that receives most of the votes by Wednesday (10th September) and you’ll see the winner in my next newsletter.

Whichever one gets to be the first story for this project, I can promise you that I’ll do my best to deliver you a swoon-worthy reading experience :-)


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