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What is the Game of Sweet Love?

Help me write a sweet romance that takes the turns you want...

Hi guys,

so this is a recap post for all of those who might have missed my email about this special readers project we are going to do.

Where does this idea come from?

For a time now, I’ve been considering this idea. It all started when I first came into contact with gaming books (aka when I met my husband who is a fan of this genre). 

Do you know what a gaming book is? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. I didn’t before meeting my husband.  

It’s a book where readers are active participants. After an introduction to the story, the reader is asked to determine the protagonist's next course of action. After the reader makes a choice, the plot branches out leading to more decisions and eventually multiple possible endings. 

So basically, readers are creating the storyline as they read/play along.

Think Dungeons and Dragons in case you know it.

Or Pretty Little Mistakes for a more literary example.


Have you ever had the feeling that there was something you would have wanted to go differently in a book? 

What if you could actively decide in a clean romance how things evolve?

In our Game of Sweet Love, you can. 

How does Game of Sweet Love work?

I’ll write a chapter of a sweet romance each week, post it on my blog and send all my readers a link to it in my newsletter. 

You read it and at the end of the chapter let me know what the next step should be. 

In a real gaming book, there are parallel universes that unfold at each choice but that would be too complicated for a real romance book (gaming books don’t dive into character development and emotional arcs that much). 

Also I can’t offer unlimited options on how to proceed - it would get too complex and unsustainable. 

I’ve got to publish the Gems of Love series and write new ones, right

So I decided that for each chapter I’ll give you the option to vote on 3-4 twists or scenarios that you’d prefer to see next. 

I’d pick the one that gets chosen by most of you

In the end, I’ll assemble all the chapters for the novel, it would go through editing and proofreading and get published. Those of you who would like could be listed in the Acknowledgment section with your name. 

Ready to play:-)?


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